Abortion Information

We understand the sensitive nature of unplanned pregnancies. There are three options when you find out you're pregnant: parenting, adoption, and abortion. When you are considering abortion, The Pregnancy Test Center in Birmingham, Alabama, can offer confidential peer counseling to let you know someone understands and is there to help.

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Are you considering an abortion? 

  • Is it social pressure?
  • Is the father of your child forcing you?
  • Is it pressure from your parents?
  • Are you afraid that your life will change and you will no longer have freedom to pursue your dreams?
  • Do you believe you will not be a good parent?

We offer free pregnancy support and peer counseling services. We will provide you with the facts about abortion so that you can make an informed decision. There are three methods for terminating a pregnancy: two types of surgery and the abortion pill. Our staff can provide detailed information about each and what you should do when you do not want to keep your baby. We also offer post-abortion counseling and support services.


We offer support and peer counseling for adoption services and parenting techniques. Adoption can provide your child with an emotionally and financially stable family. 

With adoption, you have a lot of choices when creating an adoption plan. Should you have an open or closed adoption? Will you use an adoption agency? We can help you understand these options in order to help you make an informed decision that will benefit you and your child.

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Maybe you are considering the possibility of raising the child yourself. Right now, parenting might seem scary, and even impossible. Perhaps you feel that you will not have support from the baby's father or your family--or in some cases you may be a father who wants the baby while the mother does not. Regardless of the situation, you are not alone.

The Pregnancy Test Center offers parenting support classes, counseling services, and other forms of parenting help in the Birmingham, AL, area. We will talk with you about any issues and help you decide if parenting is the right choice for you.  

Please call The Pregnancy Test Center today at (205) 979-0302 so you can get the facts you need in order to make an informed decision.

We provide peer counseling and truthful information on all options currently available regarding pregnancy. We do not perform abortions nor do we refer for abortion services.

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